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How It Works

1. Apply to join. Polish your Upwork profile and portfolio and apply to join the program by filling out the form below.

2. Skills assessment. Complete a skills assessment that includes a short video interview. If you pass, you’re in.

3. Access the best projects. Gain access to premium projects from top clients not available to the entire marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from the Upwork marketplace?

Only members of these premium programs have access and receive priority shortlisting and sourcing to projects listed by clients that use Upwork Pro, Enterprise, and Team Builder.

What is the cost to join? Are the Upwork fees different?

There is no additional cost to participate, and the Upwork freelancer service fees remain the same for all premium projects except Enterprise. In general, Enterprise contracts have a flat 10% service fee.

Have more questions?

You can read more about program eligibility and what to expect from the skill assessment here.

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Apply to join the program*

* We are only accepting requests from registered Upwork users. To increase your chances of success, please make sure to create, complete, and refresh your Upwork profile before submitting your request. View some tips on creating a successful profile.

** If you are applying to join the premium program as the member of an agency, you (1) understand that your agency will be contracted by clients you meet through the program and (2) represent and warrant that you are authorized to act on behalf of your agency in joining the program.


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