How to boost
your mobile performance
by 30%

On-demand webinar

It’s dog eat dog in the world of mobile apps. Gaining a leg up on the competition requires creativity, strategy, and intelligent data.
Sometimes the best way to beat the best is to learn from the best -- all by using competitive intelligence. Begin applying data rather than your gut feelings and assumptions, and make the right choices for your product.
We'll help you discover ways to turn competitive intelligence into actionable insights that move the needle. Abhinav Agrawal, VP of SurveyMonkey Intelligence shares best practices and strategies to leverage competitive intelligence to increase your mobile performance by 30%. This on-demand webinar is perfect for mobile developers, engineers, marketers supporting an app, and anyone focused on mobile initiatives.
Download the webinar to learn how to:
  • Measure your competitors’ performance and understand what’s driving their success
  • Analyze your competitors’ successes and failures to influence your product roadmap
  • Use data—instead of your gut—to make business decisions
  • Compare your business to the competition and the industry to identify areas of improvement
  • Uncover and understand untapped market opportunities

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The speakers 

Abhinav Agrawal
Abhinav Agrawal is the co-founder and CEO of Renzu— now SurveyMonkey Intelligence, focused on reinventing competitive mobile app intelligence. Previously he was EIR at Social Capital, VP at Zynga, PM at Amazon, and EM at McKinsey. He has a MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSE in Electrical Engineering from Princeton.

Dave Dyson has lived Zendesk support for the past four and a half years. He’s now working as part of the Zendesk Relate team to help bring the best-practice lessons he’s learned to the wider world.

Dave Dyson // Senior Customer Service Evangelist

Shipra Kayan
Shipra Kayan is a Senior Manager of Product Design Research at Upwork and has over a decade of experience as a User Experience professional. She has spent the last six years at Upwork helping the product and engineering teams deeply understand user needs, and make user-informed design decisions. She lives in San Francisco, and writes on medium.